Patio Dining at the Madison Grill

We have a very nice, clean outdoor patio for your dining poleasure out in the open if that is your desire. An awning covers the area for shade from the sun on the hot days and from the rain on rainy days., The fresh air is available all day every day.

Music and a large flower bed outside on the patio make it a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a meal or even a cup of coffee and a donut.

Smoking is allowed on the patio, so if your a smoker its a great place to sit.

The patio is open all of the time, weather permitting. You receive the same full service on the pation as you would if dining in or at our indoor counter.It is full servie on the patio.

Our patio is a great palce to enjoy a beer or glass of wine on nice summer evening and listen to pleasant music.  We hope to see you there!

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